Sympathy For The Devil (A Harry Styles dark fanfic) *EDITING*

Sympathy For The Devil (A Harry Styles dark fanfic) *EDITING*

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This book was written a long time ago, when I just started writing, and English is not my first language, and it cointains A LOT of grammar mistakes. You might cringe. Just so you know.

*WARNING* This fanfic contains explicit content for mature adults only. Please don't read if you're uncomfortable with sexual content, violence or language in any way.

Angela Johnson had tasted the real life- and hers was painful and hard. Because of what she had been through, she became a quiet and closed with only two friends.

Little did she know that the biggest mistake of her life would be the decision to move to London and go to school there.

Because her life would get even harder when she started to feel sympathy for the devil.

Harry Styles.

Cover by huflepuff.

© 2013 by mhharry. All rights reserved.

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Peltyriver507 Peltyriver507 Apr 22, 2017
Oh? Oh wait damn I wasnt ready for this.
                              Should I introduce myself or just stand here awkwardly?
alley17690 alley17690 Apr 22, 2017
*turns on music* 
                              Lick lick lick lick I lick I wanna eat your dïck but I can't fück up my nails so Ima pick it up with chopsticks
Trasapmob_ Trasapmob_ Jun 15, 2017
Half of my brain is like kidnap me daddy😜😜 and the other half is like your crazy dude 😳😳
blindly_ blindly_ May 28, 2016
bitch im the opposite of uncomfortable when it comes to sexual content
therealkale therealkale Sep 30, 2015
The name of this story is literally my entire life. Mick Jagger is actually my religion!!!! God bless you!!!
tonystrk tonystrk Jun 10, 2015
OMG I KNOW TUBA!! I WATCH HER TURKISH SHOW! (cuz I'm Arab and Arabic ppl watch Turkish shows XD)