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Watching Miraculous Ladybug!! MSarahMLB

Watching Miraculous Ladybug!! MSarahMLB

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Sarah By MSarahMLB Updated Nov 25, 2016

Adrien and Marinette's class were kidnaped, to a cinema. Everybody was shocked, THEY WILL WATCH THEIR...
                                   (episodes and webisodes)
                                    I'm not English, so if my Engish is not as good as yours tell me please.

English is my first language and I noticed that you changed tenses here. Just trying to be helpful. 😄
Bwahahahahaha Chloe is THE ONLY ONE IN THE LAST ROW She deserved it 😂😂😉😂
Angiebabs Angiebabs Dec 08, 2016
No the chair's color aren't suspicious at all *sacarstic tone*
rizzamae_rones rizzamae_rones Oct 22, 2016
Its okay sarah! Your first book is okay! All the books i have read is all about ml too...soo....all the ones who writes about ml is just great!^__^
My actions/corrections are positive inputs I'm not a native speaker.
                              If you reform the line like:
                              I would like to transform but all my classmates are here. 
                              Just a thought.🙂
Baisyowl Baisyowl Dec 18, 2016
Sorry for that, I'm not English either, but it is a akuma not an :)