Yuri Roleplay For Everyone

Yuri Roleplay For Everyone

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Pfft Wattpad...more like Bitchpad.

Anyway it's back bishes! Meh Yuri Roleplay. I hope it won't be deleted. Plus these aren't just for roleplay they're meh OCs XD

sanji027 sanji027 Feb 01
Name: sanji
                              Age: 17
                              Sexuality: bisexual
                              Species: human/ tiger hybrid 
                              Appearance: my profile picture with orange hair and golden eyes
                              Personally: at first meeting, she's cocky, rude, and hostile, once you get to know her she's the complete opposite, she's friendly, shy, and dostile
Cherry, pins her to the wall. "Hey sexy, looking for some fun" the popular cheerleader, said winking
-that-nerdy-cat-21- -that-nerdy-cat-21- Sep 06, 2016
(May I? Ha jk I'm just going in XD Heyyyy~) Amber smiled at Aileen. "Hey Aileen! Long time no see!" Amber jokingly punched Aileen's arm lightly. 'Now Sexy is back in town....' Amber thought. "Come back for some more?" Amber seductively winked at Aileen.
Artemisss9 Artemisss9 Jan 29
Is it okey if I make an oc in my oc Book and tag you so you can see it?
Name: Starr 
                              Age: 15
                              Gender: Female
                              Sexuality: Lesbian
                              Species: Human
                              Appearance: Profile
                              Personality: Bubbly, dirty, kind and cute
                              Likes: Sweet things and cute things ( Also being flirted with )
                              Dislikes: Lies, bullies and violence
                              Turn Ons: Everything
                              Turn Offs: Nothing