The Man Behind The Mask

The Man Behind The Mask

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Dially By Dially Updated Nov 21

"Bryce~," that alluring voice that's been haunting my dreams.

"Bryce~," I could feel his presence behind me as I was too afraid to see.

"Are you ignoring me?" He question as I turned around to see the masked man.

I wanted to speak, I wanted to say something but I could only stare down at the mask covering his face. I could only ever wonder what he looks like behind his mask. He will always be The Man Behind the Mask.

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I've actually never thought of shipping these two so this is new and I'm glad you're making this. =D.
No! Bryce! Ohm is cute too! Probably cuter! Good job on the first chapter. Loves it.
-_- His grammar? You mean his spelling? And you can't spell either. It's grammar not grammer
idswolf idswolf Aug 30
I'm already lovin' this.
                              1. I recently got into this ship
                              2. I can barely find fanfics 'bout this ship
                              3. You're writing this story
MamaRaccoon MamaRaccoon Aug 30
That's a mighty fine cover picture you got there XD Loving this story first one I'm properly reading for this shippy ship
MkUltimate MkUltimate Oct 30
Now what Bryce didn't know was that ohm was flying down to Georgia 
                              The tables have turned
                              "Turns table"
                              Put it back
                              "Flips table "