The Man Behind The Mask

The Man Behind The Mask

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"Bryce~," that alluring voice that's been haunting my dreams.

"Bryce~," I could feel his presence behind me as I was too afraid to see.

"Are you ignoring me?" He question as I turned around to see the masked man.

I wanted to speak, I wanted to say something but I could only stare down at the mask covering his face. I could only ever wonder what he looks like behind his mask. He will always be The Man Behind the Mask.

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That would be me.. like, "you said to come to Georgia, yeah?"
Shipcentral Shipcentral Jan 11
This could not be more perfect, I have his videos playing on the tv in my room and His intro for gang beasts came on as soon as I read this
OhmWrecked OhmWrecked Dec 22, 2016
Oh no.. tell me it's not who I think it is.. tell me he did not.. please tell me he did not
Damn first u sayin ohm ain't bootyful but if anything he gots a luscious booty and then u just straight up friend zone him!?! *Takes off earings* fight me bitch
Bloodwolf89 Bloodwolf89 Dec 18, 2016
Me: Hey Ohm
                              Ohm: Hey Eve
                              Me: Did u just call me by my nickname?
                              Ohm: yes*chases after Eve*
                              Me: BRYCE!!!!HELP ME!!!!!*starts running away from Ohm*
Ginnger_Lee Ginnger_Lee Jan 24
" I means he's a nice fellow, but he always talks about putting things in his butt."
                              Pretty much Ohm right there