how to become a mermaid.

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victoria_mermaid By victoria_mermaid Updated 2 months ago
i know there's a lot of girls, who want to become a mermaid. i know how. my name is victoria and i'm a real life mermaid. keep reading my book and you will become a mermaid soon.
@Surfer_4_Life  do the sharks or stingrays will not hurt you?
Ok guys not to be rude but .......SPELLS DONT WORK!!!!!!! 
                                    Only mermaid shifting does
Well I am. I don't respect it. I'm more of a rebel. Unlike the pleasant mer-folk. I enjoy being around sharks and stingrays. Unlike the other mer-folk
ok this is creepy i have some times blue or hazel or green eyes.. Ive never been kn the ocean. Im going to the ocean in a few weeks...
Question, by BFF is a mermaid and she can change the color of her tail to anything, she showed me, hers is purple right now. Um can they be different colors ? And my BFF as way more powers than that are there anymore than the tree u listed?
I have a mermaid in the book that I am creating, as well!  Keep writing!!!