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How to become a mermaid

How to become a mermaid

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Avalon of Kingdom of Atlantic ocean By princessAvalon Updated Apr 21, 2016

Mermaids. The word itself gives us chills, only thinking about these mysterious daughters of the sea. Becoming one is often people's secret wish, even through many of you don't believe in mermaids. But, are you sure?

A basic guide that helps you transform into a mermaid, is on Wattpad since 2013 and it's still updating. Spells, blesings, this book guides you through your begining mermaid years. Written by myself, a real mermaid.

Okay you really need to prove to your readers that your ACTUALLY a MERMAID and stuff like that, trust me, when I was like 8 my best friend and I we would look at this stuff and then we would try but in the end. It would never worked soooooo prove to your readers that your a MERMAID😹😹😹
Okay... so then please explain why some other mermaids have a colour like purple?
melodey123 melodey123 Nov 16, 2016
It's really hard but I know another mer who's tail is red so...
AdorableBunnyLover AdorableBunnyLover Dec 29, 2016
Then how come are tropical mermaids bright purple,coral pink and other colours
                              So not true
ElizabethHoward656 ElizabethHoward656 Aug 22, 2016
my grandmother said she saw a real one when she was younger but my grandfather sent her inside because she was pregnant with my dad... she said something about a school child finding its comb and it coming to.collect it...
ms_DemiWizard ms_DemiWizard Sep 01, 2016
I read a comment about how mermaids aren't really, can't use Wattpad or phones and I'm just like:
                              Hey you don't know that. They could be a mermaid when wet and human when dry. And maybe their world is in danger so they are trying to get people to become mermaids to help them. You don't know.