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Sarcasm -Craig Tucker X Tweek Tweak ✔

Sarcasm -Craig Tucker X Tweek Tweak ✔

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that_one_otaku_girl By that_one_otaku_girl Completed

Craig Tucker. Possibly one of the meanest kids in South Park. He's always flipping people off, getting detention, causing problems..yet that's just what Tweek loved about him. Craig and Tweek have never really spoke to each other, and the two males never made an attempt to be friends. But what happens when the two have one night to themselves? The sarcastic bad boy and the caffeine obsessed spazz might just become friends...or more than friends.

Ships involved in this story:
●Ruby X Tweek (one-sided)
●Karen X Craig (one-sided)


*dials phone number* Yes hell CPS I would like to report a crime against an innocent cinnamon roll...
Etteii Etteii 4 days ago
I saw comic when Craig said same thing about center to Tweek and Tweek hug in Craig's sweater.
yesmedog yesmedog 5 days ago
I can imagine him drawing a picture of a mad stick figure sticking the middle finger 😂 idk
Wait are they still in 4th grade in this? Great story so far btw, but just wondering
Etteii Etteii 4 days ago
Wth Thomas. That's abuse! I'm calling police! Don't dare you hurt Tweek.
ive said things like that to my friends and i always stand up and over exagerate and yell "YOU HEARD NOTHING!!!" then we burst out laughing ^u^