Sarcasm -Craig Tucker X Tweek Tweak ✔

Sarcasm -Craig Tucker X Tweek Tweak ✔

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that_one_otaku_girl By that_one_otaku_girl Completed

Craig Tucker. Possibly one of the meanest kids in South Park. He's always flipping people off, getting detention, causing problems..yet that's just what Tweek loved about him. Craig and Tweek have never really spoke to each other, and the two males never made an attempt to be friends. But what happens when the two have one night to themselves? The sarcastic bad boy and the caffeine obsessed spazz might just become friends...or more than friends.

Ships involved in this story:
●Ruby X Tweek (one-sided)
●Karen X Craig (one-sided)


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Fujoshi1818 Fujoshi1818 Feb 07
Who wants to join me in killing them and/or taking tweek and taking him away  where he can live with craig and start a better life
RecyclingBinNotTrash RecyclingBinNotTrash Nov 11, 2017
I wish I could do that, I mean, I already flipped off an entire bus
SaturnFlyer SaturnFlyer Dec 03, 2017
                              I'll just take my musical trash and leave-
"Don't just 'oh' him thomas."
                              "Yeah don't just 'oh' me."
                              "I'll 'oh' whoever I want."
                              *Four family members flipping eachother off.*
KuzumiAkuma KuzumiAkuma Jan 20
Tweek is me when I say I like someone in front of my friends. "You heard nothing!"
Lol, I remember the episode where Craig and tweet fight in shop class after school and kill Kenny who didn’t even wanna be there in the first place