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   It's all they felt.
   Oh they could hide it, all of them hid it so well that you would wonder, "Why are they even in Phoenix Drop's Hospital for the Mentally Ill? Just.. why?"
   It isn't an ordinary hospital though. It's for the mentally insane, kids and old folk to be more exact. Everything seems fine when you get there, it doesn't even seem like a place for the insane to be healed.

   At least, that's what people think.

   Because there is a floor in that building. The fifth floor, the floor for the most dangerous and violent of them all. And little do the people of the place realize that sooner or later, they're going to go through more than they have ever experienced before.
   Especially Aphmau I. Raehlic, the patient going there as we speak. Ever since her crush Aaron was killed, she has almost snapped more than once. And her mom isn't taking any chances anymore. Savannah has decided to leave her in the hands of the mental hospital.
   And let's not forget the boy who has been there for so long that people have forgotten his name. He is the most dangerous of all of the fifth floor kids, having killed too many to count. But little do the people realize, he isn't truly insane. There is a reason for his gruesome killings, for the way he acts.

   For now, let's call the boy L. That's the only part or his name people can remember after all.

   One of them will discover the meaning of loving someone else again.
    One of them will soon find that they have developed feeling for the other, only to find there is a threat, attempting to eliminate them for the other.
   But both of them will fall in love with one another either way.
   And somehow, their sanity will be restored.

   But not everything is as it seems.

Warning: This book contains slight feels, terrible pictures drawn by yours truly, and Author~Senpai/BL15 deciding to kill of characters for the sake of the plot. Anyways, enjoy! 

-Black Out

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