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bisexual asexual being By BlackLightning15 Updated Feb 12 he gently held Aphmau as she shook, her tears staining his shirt. She looked back up at him, her eyes glistening with luminous tears. No words were exchanged between the two, the only sound Aphmau's whimpers as she buried her face back into Laurance's blood-stained shirt. Laurance held her, stroking her back as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. As calmed Aphmau down, he silently made a promise to himself.
  Laurance would protect Aphmau and uncover the danger of the mental hospital, no matter what. Even if they lost friends in the process.

Aphmau I. Raehlic
•Sanity level: Moderate; may go slightly insane at times
•Floor: Second
   -Rumored to have a crush on L
   -Newer arrival at Phoenix Drop Mental Hospital
ººº ººº ººº
•Age unknown; estimated to be about 17
•Sanity Level: Very high, should not provoke him + avoid him at all costs
   -Rumored to be adopted
   -Has three girls crushing on him
   -Has been in PDMH for about 5-ish years
ººº ººº ººº
One mental hospital.

A group of friends.

Two teens slowly falling in love.

A threat they don't realize.

A secret they must uncover.

In all of the chaos, who will live?

Who will die?

  Warning: This book contains slight feels, terrible pictures drawn by yours truly, and Author~Senpai/BL15 deciding to kill of characters for the sake of the plot. Anyways, enjoy! 
  -Black Out

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