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IT STARTED IN DETENTION...[A NaLu GrUvia JeRza and GaLe fanfic]

IT STARTED IN DETENTION...[A NaLu GrUvia JeRza and GaLe fanfic]

29K Reads 1.3K Votes 27 Part Story
Yui-Chan! By MEEEEEECaree Updated 3 days ago

Lucy a stereotypical, blonde, judgmental mean girl, Who doesn't have a past and has a life full of misunderstood feelings
  Juvia a emotionally detached, guitar playing, band chick, with a broken past and a overexerted lifestyle.
  Levy a hipster with a flair for reading and writing, whit a family she barely met but who controlled her anyway,
  Erza a strict & somewhat of violent class president, who's heart is now guarded with an armour of steel,
  Natsu a.k.a the schools biggest playboy, who's life is more complicated than you'd think,
   Gray the schools number 1 heartthrob and football captan, who lived a life shrouded in over explained mysteries,
   Gajeel a delinquent with a nonexistent past, and a present which he has no control over what so ever, and lastly
   Jellal an artist who prefers drawing on the walls, who's family was taken away from him before he met them.
    What will happen when these four very different students all end up together in detention for 4 hours for the next 2 MONTHS?
    Find out how many relationships will blossom, good bad and ugly, and how all of them change as they discover each other.
    {YAAAY! I know I suck at summaries but please read! I swear it'll be good! Anyway enjoy!!
    [these characters do not belong to me, Fairy tail belongs to Hiro Mashima & Kodanasha]
    (warning! there is some strong language!)
    ~Yui Chan<3}
  Cover credits go to @/By_TheWriter_206
Storyline inspired by @/kalliyah12345 's ''It all started with''

RayanaMoore RayanaMoore 6 days ago
I actually like Juvia's new attitude but Lucy needs 2 go back 2 normal!!!! !
You don't even need to ask what Natsu did. The answer will always be the same: cause he's Natsu
lucy I really like you but ur being a bid bitch right now sorry sorry
AmourShipperJay AmourShipperJay 3 days ago
When I was 11 or 10. I used to get a girlfriend make out with them, then dump them the next day. I am mean and also a slut (I'm a boy)
5sosgoofs 5sosgoofs Feb 04
For some reason I feel like Juvia is the main character here
Ok even I'm not that bad but a boy I know I can't really speak for him