Ask or Dare Bardock! {CANCELED}

Ask or Dare Bardock! {CANCELED}

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Britt’s Wife💜 By bardock-san Updated Jul 07, 2017

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keiradbzlover keiradbzlover Mar 26, 2017
I dare Bardock to make Kakarot and Vegeta embaressed by smashing their heads together and making them kiss. Plus Bardock has to take a pic of it.
SomeRandomArtist7977 SomeRandomArtist7977 Mar 01, 2017
I dare Dockers (that's what I like to call bardock to annoy the crap out of him XD) to try and kidnap his son kakarot because reasons! XD
DigitalJolt DigitalJolt Aug 30, 2016
The Saiyans have no sense of humor! XD I dare Raditz to pretend he's into Bardock and call him daddy in a seductive way.
Blue--Diamond Blue--Diamond Oct 30, 2016
I dare Bardock to grab Fasha's ass right in front of Goku and stick the middle finger @ him
DigitalJolt DigitalJolt Aug 30, 2016
I dare Bardock to declare to everyone on Planet Vegeta that he loves sniffing men's hair!