Different (Wilde #3)

Different (Wilde #3)

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*Disclaimer: Despite the cover, this is not a Joshaya fanfic. cx The actors are who I'm using for my story*
*cover made by Genie2111*

       Nick Wilde is different from his brothers; the actor and the ex-boxer. Both of his brothers have quite a temper, unlike Nick. Nick has only ever gotten angry once, and that was when someone was hitting on his girlfriend.

       Ginny Prince is different from her siblings. She's thirteen years apart from the youngest of her older siblings and just like her brother, her dad sees her as a disappointment. Every single thing she does is wrong. Especially dating the brother-in-law of her cousin who is three years older than her.

       Despite the age difference, Nick and Ginny could not be more in love. They have liked each other for years and now that they're dating, everything should go smoothly.

       Unless a certain college girl tears them apart.

It is not required that you read the two books before this since each are centered around a different character. There will be spoilers, so be aware.

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DivaD36 DivaD36 Jul 08, 2017
That's so me with my boyfriend when he takes my book or ruins an ending
Sana-x Sana-x May 22, 2017
pro tip: do not ever take a girl's food. never ever do that.
esther32133 esther32133 Oct 11, 2016
                              Thought he had cheated or sum shiz. 
-_-TRA-_- -_-TRA-_- Sep 30, 2016
OMFG YOU RUDE INDIVIDUAL YOU ATE HER CUPCAKE!!!!!!!! THATS THE MEANEST, COLD, HEARTLESS THING YOU COULD DO. At least it wasn't her gummy bears other wise you'd be dead
mgelio12345 mgelio12345 Sep 27, 2016
-_-TRA-_- -_-TRA-_- Sep 30, 2016
I read the first one. I'm too frïckén lazy to read anymore. I just wanna start this already 😫😫