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Star Wars Rebels And Crossover RP

Star Wars Rebels And Crossover RP

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L O G I C By FirepawOfRiverClan Updated Oct 06, 2016

the title says it all
(Disclaimer: Star Wars Rebels belongs to Disney, Lucasfilm!)

@Dsgui9 , ignore the text, just make ur own desc of ur character(s) here
Dsgui9 Dsgui9 Apr 27
But uh, just saying, this place seems a bit empty .-3.-, but idk, wutever happens happens I guess.
lothcatwillow lothcatwillow Oct 31, 2016
Alright I'll use my favorite OC hehe
                              Name: Scarlet Dremur
                              Gender: female
                              Force Sensitive: yes, but she doesn't like to use it
                              Age: 17
                              Weapons: Inquisitor Lightsaber, special pistol
                              Home Planet: Corascant
                              Crush: well she had a boyfriend but he died so... :/ XD
SouthernJedi SouthernJedi Oct 29, 2016
Name: Mal'lori Kiin 
                              Force sensitive : yes
                              Age: 13 
                              Powers: force
                              Weapons: purple saber.
                              Homeplanet : lothal 
                              Crush : none
Call_Me_California Call_Me_California Nov 02, 2016
New here but let's go!
                              Name: Charlie 
                              Gender: Female
                              Force sensitive: yes
                              Weapons: lightsaber
                              Home planet: Corascant
Thekrakenbubble Thekrakenbubble Oct 29, 2016
So many replies XD I just scrolled through them so many people joined