bed buddy | yoonmin

bed buddy | yoonmin

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yoongi had a tendency to bring home guys that weren't good enough for him. 


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                              I'm in a call with my friend right now so I'm just basically saying whatever I think. She has no idea what I'm doing rn. Huehuehuehuehuehue........
I want to comment on the previous line but it's currently at 69... so....
J-hopeismyhope95 J-hopeismyhope95 10 hours ago
I bet he wanted to wrap his thin legs around Yoongi's small waist. 😉
goldegguk goldegguk Dec 05
*rides bike* *stops*  penis  * drives then bumps into a wall*
94KHOP 94KHOP Nov 07
what a lovely human being. with a face so pure and a heart of gold. every flaw is beautiful. min yoongi is truly a gorgeous man who deserves to be loved wholeheartedly. id do anything to see him smile and laugh. he's so cute and pure and great and talented. wow im going on a rant but yes
                              -H O W-
                              COULD YOU NOT???
                              YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES AS A YOONGI STAN.