His Twinset

His Twinset

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"What do you want?"

 "I want to fuck you." ..... "I want 
 little pink pussy. I want to suck on your clit. I want you screaming my name as I fuck you senseless." 

What the fuck. 

"Too bad we don't always get what we want."

"But the thing is, I always get what I want."


Halsey had a pretty rough time growing up with a mother who upped and left her and her father at a delicate age of five. 

She never meant to get pregnant when she met Damon a couple of months ago. Hell, she never meant to cheat on her boyfriend. But it did happen. She cheated on her boyfriend willingly and got pregnant. 

Damon is used to getting what he wants. And he wants Halsey and her babies gone. But not without having a taste of what she felt like months ago again.

Two stubborn people protecting themselves because of the past. 

Two babies. 

One house. 

And one horrible twist.

Who doesn't love Jojo. Love that ass girl....😂😂😂😂
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You've got to agree, tinashe just has this aura around her. Good one tho