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Tina By VoiceThief Updated Nov 04, 2013

Ivan Summers, highest ranking boss in all of New York, owner of many music and movie franchises, is Jayden's abusive father. His whole life has literally been one giant slap in the face. Out of five children, four identical boys and one girl, Jayden has never been shown any love. But all that starts to change when he meets an enchanting young woman named Michelle.  James is the second oldest of the four brothers. It seems it's impossible for him to be happy. Anger is the only emotion he feels, contempt for anyone he comes across. One person has made him smile, however, made his heart lift just a little. But he'll deny his own feelings for this person, until the time comes that not feeling just might be the death of him.  Not being noticed was not part of Jesse's high school itinerary. With a face as handsome as his, and a wallet as full as his, he never expected to be ignored. Even when he turns on his charm and brightens his boyish smile, Karla still won't notice him. What lengths will Jesse go to to get the love of his life to look at him?  The most accurate way to describe Jedediah Summers would be a miniature version of his father. Making Jayden's life a living hell is what he dreams about at night. Sleeping with women he hardly knows is what he does to pass the time. Being judgmental is Jed's game, but being suave and persuasive is Nico Motor's. When this big, tough bad boy gets inside Jed's head, what will he do to make him stop?  The four brothers have challenges and mysteries to overcome. Love can be a product, but it isn't the resolution.

AnAngelsWar79 AnAngelsWar79 Nov 21, 2011
It is Ok, but it seems somewhat like a dialog. It would make it better if you added description.
KeltikFaith KeltikFaith Aug 01, 2011
This is really good, but you should have kept his name as Jayden...Jack just makes him sound, not like a teen.  I don't know. But this is still really good.
Thechildofthecurser Thechildofthecurser Jul 31, 2011
Hey, this is a good first chapter. I like it. Oh and try not to rewrite the whole thing over and over btw. . .i usually do that. . .and well let's just say i never get anywhere.
ATransparentSecret ATransparentSecret Jul 13, 2011
@VoiceThief I'm so glad I read this! I absolutely love the main character, oh and the guy playing Jayden is amazing!! :DD Well actually he playing all of them but I like Jayden the best anyway! Another awesome story of yours to read! :D
VoiceThief VoiceThief Jul 07, 2011
The picture on the side is the original cover but I couldn't fit it in the small space they had for the cover. I really like it, but too bad, you know? Anyway let me know what you think of it.
VoiceThief VoiceThief Jul 02, 2011
@KeltikFaith I know right? He's so sexy. That's Gaspard Ulliel and guess what? HE'S FRENCH! Hehe. Thanks for the comment. :D