Falling For A Gangster | COMPLETED |

Falling For A Gangster | COMPLETED |

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Esther Afrane By Estra_Melanin Completed

#8 In Mystery & Thriller 7/08/2017


When all he's ever known is a gun; Love becomes rocket science to him. 


The dangerous, merciless and heartless Angelo Castillo was to pick up his package for his whore house. The package was no other but the fearless Alejandra Rojas. 

But Angelo knew what could bring this fierce girl down, to make her mellow and that's exactly what he did. 

He broke those walls and made her sublime. But when he learnt how to fix the heart he had broken into pieces, now that he has...... 

He's not ready to LET. HER. GO


This is rape. But low key hot idk. But I really want to jump into the book and slap him.
imayseim imayseim Sep 03
When Si, mi amore and belle are the only Italian words you know - you know you've been reading too many mafia books
Why do I read it in Filipino accent😂😂 I'm not even from there 😂😂
imayseim imayseim Sep 03
I read that as domino (pizza place) 
                              Im one hungry bitch
Okay so translated is: 
                              You have, taken care of the spain business
cestoryteller cestoryteller Dec 23, 2016
I might recommend deleting this phrase. I don't see a cartel leader or someone who does work with the cartel saying this. This should already be understood.