Apprenticed (A young Justice/Reverse bat family fanfiction)

Apprenticed (A young Justice/Reverse bat family fanfiction)

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RichardGrayson By InsaneRobin223445 Updated Jun 09

Damian, Tim, and Jason all met Richard at the age of three at a summer camp. They became close friends, but never saw each other again. Until they got it he circus to see their old friend perform. 

We all know Bruce adopts dick. We've seen the stories about Slade apprenticing Dick. But what if Tony Zucco kidnaps Dick?

**Disclaimer: I do not own DC or the characters
**Possible Triggers- warnings will be issued throughout the story
**possible language

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- - Jun 23
Bruce should consider owning a Bently.
                              I hear that they're just lovely this time of year..
SinfulGeek SinfulGeek Jul 06
Hirfifubrus when I saw Mercedes o instantly thought of my town 😂😂
This doesn't really have anything to do with the story but, since I've been reading so many things about the robins I was talking to someone at school named Damon and I called him Damien on accident multiple times XD
Shouldn't Damian tell him about what happened to Talia? Or would that just make it worse?
TheMaidenOfTheHunt TheMaidenOfTheHunt Aug 31, 2016
You have a very beautiful nstart and I look forward to a continuation of this story.
Cats_Pajamas Cats_Pajamas Aug 31, 2016
Well. I was super happy with how my writing was going, but apparently I'm still inferior to every other author on the planet XD
                              TIME TO START FROM SCRATCH.
                              But, seriously, this is great. I envy your skills. And your patience. I hardly ever make it past 1,500 words, including the author's note XD