My Dirty Secret (Septiplier Fanfic)

My Dirty Secret (Septiplier Fanfic)

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_Mother_ By Mrs_Awesome2014 Completed

Jack was planning on moving to L.A. to be closer to his friends. After telling Mark he went to start packing but something was bothering him. Mark was acting weird on Skype. Why was he wearing that outfit? Why did he look like he was going to have a panic attack? Most importantly what was he hiding from me?

"I do it for the hell of it. It's fun to me. You can't just step in and try to change me! I do what I want when I want! If you can't handle it then it wa............"

This contains Fluffs, Smut, and Strippers all male on male. If you cannot handle any of these. Do not read!! 

Btw this is my First Fanfic so prepare for it to be horrible.

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Setsuko839 Setsuko839 Jul 01, 2017
right that video was the best lmao
                              opper dopper go get your body armor
fabythetrashcan fabythetrashcan Oct 12, 2016
I love this so much and I just downloaded wattpad today and it looks so good
SilvyScar SilvyScar Sep 10, 2016
From the proposal... (flashback) jack: ARE YOU PROUD OF ME MA?(flashback ends)
xsoftboysx xsoftboysx Jan 18, 2017
Is it sad I learned this whole song the day it came out, same with Space is Cool?
Fanfiction_Fanatic27 Fanfiction_Fanatic27 Sep 05, 2016
I hate to hate on your fic but mark actually hates strip clubs. But I'm sorry if you already knew that
loffiee loffiee Jan 04, 2017
Or they l you could say they got...
                              Cryotic! (Eeehhh? Eeeeeeeehhhhhhhh??)