When the Stars Align

When the Stars Align

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A.J. By Mys_AJ Updated Feb 13, 2018

"I'm afraid of heights" I blurted.

He looked at me with his eyebrows furrowed together. "So?" he asked slowly, wanting me to elaborate. Biting my lip, I curled my hair behind my ear before I gained the courage to look into his eyes.

"So I can't fall for you"


Meet Skylar. She's reserved, hard-working, and kind-hearted. For years, she's gone through her life with major issues; but she's still standing. While her road is still bumpy, she may just meet the right person to help her find a smoother street.

However, the question still stands. Will she accept his help or push him away?

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LadyBugg0851 LadyBugg0851 Feb 22, 2018
I'ma just say this right now... I would have killed my family with a smile on my family I'm not a serial killer but that would make me one. Matter of fact, that's how my family acts towards me now, I can handle, but I can't stand someone else having to go through what I go through.
LadyBugg0851 LadyBugg0851 Feb 22, 2018
Ikr. everyone doesn't have the same family or feelings for their family, like shut up y'all have no say in my feelings so mind your business.
weirdo-everyone-know weirdo-everyone-know Aug 27, 2017
I know I don't know her background yet but if there's a mom that willingly makes food for you, pays enough attention to know when you eat or not, and a sister who dose the same that's pretty awesome and can be taken for granted really easily :(
omfgitzdoodles omfgitzdoodles Apr 21, 2018
i barely listen to country music, though i like a good 30 songs, and this is one of them
ebbing ebbing Dec 28, 2017
That is literally like my friend favorite quote, she even has a stitch voice to go with it! It’s kinda creepy
That_Girl_J That_Girl_J Sep 01, 2016
Getting a Cinderella vibe with a cool uncle as the godfather lol