When the Stars Align

When the Stars Align

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A.J. By Mys_AJ Updated May 29

"I'm afraid of heights" I blurted.

He looked at me with his eyebrows furrowed together. "So?" he asked slowly, wanting me to elaborate. Biting my lip, I curled my hair behind my ear before I gained the courage to look into his eyes.

"So I can't fall for you"


Meet Skylar. She's reserved, hard-working, and kind-hearted. For years, she's gone through her life with major issues; but she's still standing. While her road is still bumpy, she may just meet the right person to help her find a smoother street.

However, the question still stands. Will she accept his help or push him away?

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I know I don't know her background yet but if there's a mom that willingly makes food for you, pays enough attention to know when you eat or not, and a sister who dose the same that's pretty awesome and can be taken for granted really easily :(
That_Girl_J That_Girl_J Sep 01, 2016
Getting a Cinderella vibe with a cool uncle as the godfather lol
layunderthestars layunderthestars Sep 06, 2016
When I saw you wrote the book I didn't even read the info. I just added it to my library. 😂
That_Girl_J That_Girl_J Sep 01, 2016
I love a good country song and Blake Shelton is one of the best in the business
Izz109 Izz109 Sep 01, 2016
I feel Harry Potter all over again. Sirius (Uncle Trent) helping Harry (Skylar) feel normal/nice away from the Dursleys (her family)
CherryLipsy CherryLipsy Jan 24
OMG!! I was literally just saying this quote 5 minutes ago😃Luv it already