I'm a Monster  {Book 1}

I'm a Monster {Book 1}

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oya oya oya? By -DarkPetals- Completed

A story about how Bryce and his friends wander into a monsters territory. There's no way out until they fix each generator. Desperately wanting to get out, they try as hard as they can to fix them. However, this isn't your normal dead by daylight story. 

There's a twist ;)

So will they be able to get out? Or are they going to die in the bloody hands of the killer? But most importantly....

Don't. Forget. About. The. Twist. 


Started: August 28th 2016

Ended: November 10th 2016


Oh ok I just went on devianart and that's who published the picture but maybe she didn't make it maybe she just uploaded it so I'll fix thag
Hazzy42 Hazzy42 Nov 08
Oh! I just got that this is based off of dead by daylight! I luvs it!
megashiper megashiper Nov 18
"Don't go into the light!"
                              ...Nah screw this, I ain't staying in this world.
R4nD0ML4dY R4nD0ML4dY Sep 10
emesbii.tumblr.com made the image in the cover (not trying to be rude, just want people to know <:3 )