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This is a fairly short story about you, (Y/N), meeting Byun Baekhyun. The story doesn't end there, though. 

One day, as you walked around the streets of Seoul, South Korea, you bumped into someone. This someone was Baekhyun.

You made the mistake of thinking that was the last time you'd see him.

You'd go to the store, he was there. You'd go for a walk, you'd see him too, sometimes you'd go for bubble tea, and guess who'd be the one to sit by you!


At that time you didn't even know this boy's name, all you knew was that there were too many coincidences. 

One day, you decided you were going to talk to him.  

Long story short, he didn't understand anything you said but 'Hello, my name's (Y/N)'.

'mian haeyo , nan yeong-eoleul haji anhseubnida. geuleom nan hal su issjiman jogeum' he said.

'Sorry, I don't speak Korean' you said.

You barely knew how to say Annyeong, how were you supposed to understand all the things he said?!

'Do you speak English?' you asked.

'A little' he said a little shy.

And with the small portion of English that Baekhyun knew, a friendship was made.

Something you didn't knew, was that Baekhyun made the mistake of loving you as more than just a friend. He didn't need to talk to you to love you. All it took was looking at you. And you had to leave him. You needed to finish college.

Did you love him back? Well, you weren't totally aware of it yet, but you did.

What happens when it's time to say goodbye?

Will you see Baekhyun again?

Is this the end of you guys?

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