Stalker (Ladrien)

Stalker (Ladrien)

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Ladybug only just decided to stalk the person who was stalking her.

Adrien Agreste.

They stalked each other, just so fate could do things to them.

To make them do things.


I don't own these characters; they belong to Thomas Astruc and Zagtoon.

Warning: light swearing, sin and bullying

I thought of bloom from winx club cause I used to love watching that show as a kid
Yeah not today I much rather happen in a more dramatic way but soon
That is so Bloom from Winx I know because I'm obsessed with winx and have been watching winx for about 5 years
Diaspro kissed Sky, Bloom saw, got mad, her Dragon Fire came out. End of the Magix Dimension. BAM!
Dear god, is she also from Gardenia? I loved winx club when I was a kid.
Sport504 Sport504 Jan 28
Ohhhh I get it!! And the shoulder hair length boy was skye!! This makes sense haha