R- Rated Love (Harley Quinn And The Joker FanFic)

R- Rated Love (Harley Quinn And The Joker FanFic)

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Jewel Sykes By jewelsykes Updated Sep 24, 2017

"You left me in a black hole of rage and confusion. Is that the kind of medicine you practice, doctor Quinzel?"
"What are ya going to do, you ganna kill me Mistah. J?"

"Wha?" Joker cups his hand behind his ear and turns it twords Harleen.

"Oh, I'm not ganna kill ya, I'm just ganna hurt ya, really, BAD."
Harley Quinn, queen of Gotham City.
The Joker, king of Gotham City.
Together, the crazed couple conquer.

"Let's go home."
This story takes place AFTER the Suicide Squad defeats Enchantress, but the beginning chapters happen before they go out and become the Squad. There are scenes and lines from the movie, but the rest is from my head. I don't own any of the Suicide Squad characters, or certain lines and scenes. Some things WILL be different from the movie, and not movie accurate. I KNOW this, so please do not tell me what I've done wrong. But DO tell me how I can approve my story to make it enjoyable! 

WARNING: This story contains intense language, drugs, suicide, some mature scenes and murder. So basically this story contains EXPLICIT CONTENT!! If you are sensitive or take offend to any of the above, DO NOT READ. I do not write smut, so there won't be anything descriptive and vulgar, BUT, there will be semi mature scense, so beware. I have warned all of you, so read with caution!! I am not one of those people that put warnings at the beginning of chapters that contain any of the above, so do NOT expect it.

Thank you so much for giving my story a chance and I hope you enjoy!❤

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ButterflyAngel1899 ButterflyAngel1899 Jul 04, 2017
I already love your story and yes I am one of those females that absolutely loved the movie Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn and Joker were so great in the movie. I truly hope they make a movie just about Harley and Joker.
Danti324 Danti324 Mar 09, 2017
I love this. I read one other story about them and it was amazing. People can make ones about them. But, it started with her already as Harley and like, in the middle of the stuff. Nowhere near here. This, amigo, is awesome.
Taters_Gonna_Tate Taters_Gonna_Tate Feb 09, 2017
Well you can be more than my friend Mr J. 😉😉 you can be my daddy 😍
oliviasweethea oliviasweethea Dec 28, 2016
I am litterally amazed at this💜💚💜♥♣♦~btw I'm one of those love stuck bitches
svonthun_22 svonthun_22 Oct 08, 2016
I love Harley Quinn and the joker literally everything I own is them
StephanieGregory2 StephanieGregory2 Nov 03, 2016
Harley Quinn is my besty cause she crazy like me I know all her books (jokers too)