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Gwen never received happiness and love from her parents. What she received was high parents that could barely stand on their own two feet. 

Being adopted at the age of 3 has its advantages. You grow with the family and you never lose hope that they get rid of you. 

Gwen's mute. Frightened of having the connection she once had with her biological parents to her adoptive family, she remains silent. 

She has friends. She's treated like a normal person. She isn't beaten or bullied. She's just mute. 

That is until Alec River arrives. Being the school bad boy and hottest guy in the school, you can imagine how much attention Gwen receives when he starts talking to her. 

Associating with every bad boy and mute girl story, follow along as Alec slowly breaks down Gwen's walls that she tried for so long to hold up.

#96 in Short Story :)

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CuppaMintTae CuppaMintTae Nov 29, 2017
Ugh I know that feeling. My mom told this other mom I wrote stuff....and she asked what I wrote....I was know
                              The only thing I've written is some cringy ass fanfiction and random art stuff, and screen shots of conversations I've had
Maria_Broken Maria_Broken Oct 04, 2017
Um I just scrolled down by accident and it says that I've finished the story?? I don't know if my phone is just on the fritz or something I don't know never mind..
missyxmills missyxmills Sep 20, 2017
I legit got shocked thinking it was a message from A in Pretty Little Liars
sprklyvenus sprklyvenus Apr 21, 2017
I thought she was skinny? And now she has an hour glass figure?🤔