The Cliff || Grayson Dolan

The Cliff || Grayson Dolan

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"Who are you?" I questioned him.

"Grayson." He slightly smirked at me.

"Why are you on my cliff?" I put my hand on my hip while I motioned around.

"Do you own this cliff?" Grayson tested me.

"I come here everyday." I rolled my eyes.

"So do I." He raised his prominent eyebrows at me. "So answer my question. Do you own this cliff?"

"No but-"

"Then it's not your cliff." Grayson shrugged.

"Well it's not yours either!" I protested.

"No. But it can be ours."

funkydolan funkydolan Aug 30
Because life's being a bitch to me . You don't understand okay
dolansrlife dolansrlife Aug 30
I ask myself that everyday. Does anyone tell me? no. No they dont
Gordon's great and all but I prefer the hotter twin Edward 😉😂
funkydolan funkydolan Aug 30
If this only wasn't Grayson , I'd come back with.
                              "I just did , it's standing in front of me and I'm talking to it"
funkydolan funkydolan Aug 30
Or I'm really annoyed and I don't wanna deal with bs right now