I Promise

I Promise

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"You should go. This is getting too dangerous." I force myself to speak.

"Are you serious? I can't. I need to protect you." Ethan took a step closer to me desperately.

"Who's going to protect you?" I sighed firmly.

There was silence. His eyes wondered, thinking of something to say.

"... I'm never going to leave you." Ethan held onto my wrist.

"You can't just say that." I tried to pull away from him, but he continued to hold onto me.

"I promise." 

No one has ever made me a promise before.

~ Finished on 29/09/16 ~

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Honestly me, I'd be like dude I don't can about this girl where the hell is my ice cream
UniqueNamsh UniqueNamsh Jul 05
I have red blood and people want to use it for pillows so I ran far far away
Me and my sister do this to each other all the time just to piss each other off😂
Is it sad I would act poor on the streets of LA just for this to happen to me
So there is a strabge girl standing in front of you in YOUR house and the first thing you ask is "Where is my ice scream?" instead of "who is she, why is she here,where did you find her, why is she wearing all black,what's her name,why did you bring ber here??" But only a real Grayson would say that
UniqueNamsh UniqueNamsh Jul 05
Before I red this story I was like 'that's thick prune juice' but now it all makes sense.