Septiplier - School story (completed)

Septiplier - School story (completed)

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Jack and Mark are both high school students, and when Jack moves from Ireland to L.A. And starts attending Marks school, who knows what could happen?


 there'll probably end up being smut in some chapters but I'll warn you before that happens!

Thank you in advance for reading my story!

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Thats what I say when I see my Purple Senpai.....kinda.. "she's probably straight as a circle!"
You forget there are bendy pencils. Trust me I have one. They're incredibly hard to write with, but still. You should've said something like "as straight as something that is straight, and couldn't be bent"
This is the question that is going through my head everyday and i still sont know how im going to tell my friends o evn my damilh im bi I have only told like 4 or 5 friends.
This almost happend to me once.......... jk! Never actually has! Once in the class I have with senpai marky twin the teaher said she would ge us new spits but nevr did! I was worried or 2 whole weeks!
My mind go places
                              I think of Mark on TØP of his van screaming OF COURSE and chica barking from the ground