Septiplier - School story (completed)

Septiplier - School story (completed)

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BTSeptiplierPhangirl By septiplier_16 Completed

Jack and Mark are both high school students, and when Jack moves from Ireland to L.A. And starts attending Marks school, who knows what could happen?


 there'll probably end up being smut in some chapters but I'll warn you before that happens!

Thank you in advance for reading my story!

You forget there are bendy pencils. Trust me I have one. They're incredibly hard to write with, but still. You should've said something like "as straight as something that is straight, and couldn't be bent"
Jack: I'm as straight as spaghetti!
                              Mark's thoughts: Of course he is
                              Jack:*gets really close to Mark* That is until it gets all hot and wet 
                              Mark:*Blushes and sweats nervously*
AshesGladiator AshesGladiator Sep 20, 2016
He's one of those weird rubber pencils that can bend almost in half but then they snap and are orange in the inside
-TBSAGA- -TBSAGA- Oct 22, 2016
A rubber pencil..
                              That he probably used in his spare time..
                              *cough cough*
Cactusfire_Kitten69 Cactusfire_Kitten69 Sep 24, 2016
I wish English was my first class, instead it's FRENCH, which is hard on people who hate mornings. Canadian school girl problems for ya
ReaReading ReaReading Sep 18, 2016
Bìtch in every fanfic about you to you either end up fūcking, getting hurt, or pulled apart.