The Lawyer In The Kitchen. (#EDKV)

The Lawyer In The Kitchen. (#EDKV)

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Love: Cements two souls eternally.

Misunderstanding: Tears two souls apart brutally.

Love is meant to triumph.
Ego is the biggest obstacle in it's path.

Two beautiful souls smile through the tears and form their own rainbow of love.

Suman Tiwari and Shravan Malhotra, two headstrong individuals, who can be soft like butter or stubborn as mule!

Best friends since childhood, their friendship reaches a bumpy path because of certain situations.
Some induced by outside force, rest created by their own headstrong will.
Years later, they come face to face again. Will they clash or tune back in together. Either ways, sparks are sure to fly.


A fanfiction based on an Indian television show 'Ek Duje ke vaaste' Telecast on Sony T.V. from 29 th February 2016 to 7th Ocotober 2016.

Published: 30th August 2016
Suman Tiwari: Nikita Dutta.
Shravan Malhotra : Namik Paul.

Disclaimer: No credit on the cover- from the internet.

Jo shuru hota hai,,wo khatm bhi ho hi jaata hai... with that thought..!! One down 91 to go !! 😄 nice start !!
aashii-dhan aashii-dhan Nov 28, 2016
hilarious........sumo, rat and pushkar.....its great combo indeed.......:) :) just love this. you are writing so well.....started missing the story just as it finished...please continue asap.
Jemialia9 Jemialia9 Aug 30, 2016
Thanku for the dedication we know each other?? 😇
VinayaKrish VinayaKrish Oct 12, 2016
I have just started to read this sounds interesting. 👍👍
Guptakg Guptakg Oct 26, 2016
I m literally laughing out loud right now...pushkar Nd sumo are just so adorable....loved it
NSP2003 NSP2003 Nov 22, 2016
TBH I'm also a huge fan of Symantec and Shravan and I totes enjoyed this chapter