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Eddsworld x reader

Eddsworld x reader

8.1K Reads 140 Votes 6 Part Story
WolfEye By TheWolfGirlWolfEye Updated Sep 28, 2016

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VitaeCrimson VitaeCrimson Sep 01, 2016
(Time skip of edd , matt , tom and tord dabbing while in pretty princess dresses)
SqueakyToy123 SqueakyToy123 Dec 17, 2016
How to get someone to like you
                              Think about if they like you
                              THEY DO LIKE YOU SUDDENLY XDDD
SukiChxn SukiChxn Nov 06, 2016
*nosebleeds while taking a picture* no one can stop me huehuehue.
HanandLeiaStories HanandLeiaStories Dec 23, 2016
Yeah, but what if you're favorite hoodie color is green or blue?... 
Soda-Pop202 Soda-Pop202 Aug 29, 2016
Edd x reader
                              Jon x reader
                              Paul x reader 
                              Tom x reader
                              Someone x sick reader ( lol I can see Matt in this one )
                              Someone x depressed reader
Pandorathepandabear Pandorathepandabear Sep 30, 2016
Sorry but I'm a dork but can you do a Matt or whatever character you want x Naga reader (if you're wandering Naga is like half snake half human) sorry if I'm bothering you