The Battle for Love     (Dramione)

The Battle for Love (Dramione)

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❤️⚡️ By riddikuluslypotter Updated Oct 02, 2017

Harry, Ron, Hermione and all their friends have come back to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year and final year after the war, only to find that their are some big changes waiting for them when they all return, including the newly introduced marriage law. In which they all have to marry, but do they get who they want?
But what's life without a few dragons? Or ferrets. Maybe even internationally famous Quidditch players aswell.

Follow the students of Hogwarts as they embark on an adventure where they battle for their lives, whilst discovering love.

I know In Chapter 6 there is an incorrect fact regarding Draco Malfoy's middle name. I know this, I did it on purpose, so please don't keep commenting on it, thanks. 😊

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RelatableFangirling RelatableFangirling Apr 01, 2017
I hope that you do 
                              Itll literally be foreshadowing and irony
PearlDraco PearlDraco Jul 20, 2017
They sort of should be scared out of their minds seeing as how they were going to be sorted into their houses and that would define their destiny of at least it might
PearlDraco PearlDraco Jul 20, 2017
*cough * Harry in his first year *cough* sorry had something in my throat
ellaschuyler ellaschuyler Feb 23, 2017
(So far) The most well written grammatically correct and accurate to the books Fanfic Ive read