The Shifter [Book 3]

The Shifter [Book 3]

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Julia Nicole By GirlTalkHush Updated Jun 26, 2015

"His smug face cut blank as his brown eyes searched into mines, time felt frozen as his stared at me, I just stared back feeling my cheeks growing hotter and hotter by the second. Suddenly his wolf howl in possession... quickly following by my wolf connecting with his...."

He's not my mate. He's not my friend. He's not an enemy. He's My Bounded wolf... I guess you can say he's mine and only mine as I am to him.

He's in a neighboring pack, he's the alpha's son of Greenview Pack.

I am the daughter's beta of the Dawn Moonlight Pack but we go to the same wolf high school. I am not human nor a wolf, I am inbetween. I can't shift fully only half way, I never seen my wolf before. She lives inside me but can't come out or she doesn't until she meets him.

Like I said, we are NOT mates. We are bounded together by our wolves which we don't understand but can't help the pull of each other.



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luce_sunshine_ luce_sunshine_ Feb 14, 2016
Sarah's son and Max's adopted daughter... This should end well
GirlTalkHush GirlTalkHush Aug 31, 2014
@frasermagoo I wont. I promise! I just love my whole the rejected omega series more than my other stories :))
frasermagoo frasermagoo Aug 31, 2014
that is only the first chapter and already it looks to be a great story cannot wait for it to start please do not leave it too long
Nova_Eclipse Nova_Eclipse Apr 16, 2014
@frasermagoo I do to, but I wished the last book lasted at least 2 more chapters.
frasermagoo frasermagoo Mar 24, 2014
if this sequel is as good and I expect it will be as the last one than it will be fantastic cannot wait to start reading