Destined {Discontinued, Sorry}

Destined {Discontinued, Sorry}

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(This is an AU.)

Everyone is born with initials on their right wrist. The initials of their soulmate. You might think, "But that could be so many different people."

But that's not all. Anything you write on your arms, will also appear on your soulmate's arm.

Dean Winchester doesn't expect to meet this mystery person, but he likes to write lyrics on his arms from bands he likes.

Castiel Novak loves to draw random things on his arm, and his favorite thing to see is his soulmate scribbling lyrics on his arm. 

What will happen when Dean changes schools and bumps into Castiel?

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MeowCats23 MeowCats23 Apr 15
Dean your as straight as a fudging RAINBOW cupcake pooping unicorn
That would be quite convenient. Just "hey babe. Don't forget to pick up some milk. xoxox"
Actually, I do believe you are as straight as a rainbow slinky
You mean saving people and hunting things?? THEE family business???
Kittens4life577 Kittens4life577 Oct 22, 2016
Ok this is literally my favourite Destiel fanfic like seriously