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Ezra Winn By EzraWinn Updated Dec 07, 2016

There's only one rule in the Leiker's house. Don't go near the well. Eighteen year old Gunner Leiker lives in a world without sound. Hearing impaired since an accident when he was six years old left him with a different view of the world.

  Six month before his birthday his sister, Harlow Nowak, could finally afford the hearing implants that could change Gunner's life. For the first time in years, he can hear the sound of rain against the window sill. He can finally hear his niece's voice. Can listen to the latest song playing on the radio. 

  Soon Gunner learns there are others sounds he can pick up on throughout his house. The sound of a wheelchair squeaking through the hall. The soft sobs of a woman crying. And someone  begging for help coming from the well.

  Every night someone begs Gunner to help them out of the well. Once an old evil is released can it ever be sealed again? What darkness lies at the bottom of that deep dark hole? Some things are never meant to be awaken. Gunner is about to learn that the hard way.

My mum always told me not to reply to voices like those cause they're shadow people 😂😂😂
-rising-ash- -rising-ash- Nov 25, 2016
You should take that as a sign to run and never come back but that would be stupid because this is part of the book to where it begins....
MFBookReader MFBookReader Dec 24, 2016
Honestly me being a scary cat would have went and bribed someone to get it for me. And if that didn't work of buy a new one and have a funeral for the old one. RIP ball #1
xMexMyselfxAndxIx xMexMyselfxAndxIx Nov 23, 2016
This is so cool so far!! Omg gushing like a little girl about this book!!
xMexMyselfxAndxIx xMexMyselfxAndxIx Nov 23, 2016
I think he took his hearing cuz he wanted him to feel what he felt? Being under the well with no life around him, no sound...maybe?
SilverRaven0 SilverRaven0 Dec 02, 2016
Sorry 'bout this, but I'm a little confused. Gunner said 'my mom and our dad' several times, and not 'our mom and dad', so is that mean that he and his sister is not (or half) related by blood or what?