Coachella- Brynn Rumfallo&Jack Johnson

Coachella- Brynn Rumfallo&Jack Johnson

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MagconZieglerz By JayaHoward Updated Oct 18

"I hate school. I hate school. I hate school. I hate school." I repeat hitting my alarm.

I get up successfully and make my way to my bathroom. I wash my face and brush my teeth and start my makeup.
(Just pretend that's Brynn)

I loosely curled my hair, backcombed it and applied a ton of hairspray.

I put on a loose dark grey jumper dress what hung off my shoulder and some black knee high socks paired with my black heeled lace up ankle boots.

I only ever wear long sleeves because of reasons. 

I don't hang out with anyone at school. There's them famous magcon kids what split up so they kind of hate each other.   

The popular girls. Most of them date the famous kids. Madison beer rules them. She also dates Jack Gilinsky.

The nerds. Wow I can't even get into that group.

The popular boys. The guys who aren't part of magcon but who are best friends with one of the members

And the dance moms stars. Of course I'm part of the group but they leave me out the group. Kenzie and Maddie mov...

I swear I have an obsession with ur books....what did u do to me?!?!?