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Clouded Judgement (Robin/Renegade/Dick Grayson Fanfic)

Clouded Judgement (Robin/Renegade/Dick Grayson Fanfic)

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Branwen By DC_Demigod Updated Jun 10

Two years. It's been two years since the death of Dick Grayson, the first Robin. A year after, the second Robin, Jason Todd, followed suit. The third robin, Timothy Drake, is a part of the Young Justice. When Renegade, a new member of the League of Assassins and apprentice to Deathstroke appears, they think almost nothing of it and treat him just like any other enemy. But they all begin to notice certain similarities between the new assassin and their late member, and questions begin to surface amongst the group. "Why would he fake his death?" "Why would he fake his death?" "Why did he join them?" And most of all, "Can we get our bird back?"

*Cover picture from DeviantArt Sno2, I do not own Young Justice, Teen Titans or any other characters in DC*

Wait! Did he do that so his team didn't have to go through what he went through when he witnessed is parents death!?!
LunaBPYT LunaBPYT Feb 18
I just realized why the assassins from this league don't die...
                              xD they can't come to the light...
                              Or better yet
                              They can't
                              Now I am picturing deathstroke wearing sunglasses and jamming out to music
d26march04 d26march04 Oct 10, 2016
@frekalface22 And they're like "Come into the LIGHT!"
                              "We can't, we're SHADOWS"
frekalface22 frekalface22 Oct 01, 2016
It's funny how the league of SHADOWS is working for the LIGHT.
DC_Demigod DC_Demigod Sep 27, 2016
This is where I actually came up with the name of this fanfic xD