Skin (Kagehina AU)

Skin (Kagehina AU)

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-Shittykawa- By awkwardlawliet Updated 18 hours ago

In a world where anything left on your skin also appears on your soul mates. However it only activates when you see them in person.

¡¡¡TRIGGER WARNING!!! It starts out all happy and stuff but trust me it goes down hill very fast.

I do not own Haikyuu or its characters. I own only the plot.

SilviaMoya20 SilviaMoya20 Oct 09, 2016
But you said in the begging that there was no thrash in the campus (?) 
                              Hahahhaha jk (≧∇≦)/
Dreamer2594 Dreamer2594 Jan 25
Ahhh so the King and the Trash King are in the same dorm....
kagehina4lyfe kagehina4lyfe 2 days ago
I've never seen Hunter X Hunter...
                              *dives behind a table and puts helmet on*
antisocial-ghost antisocial-ghost Oct 15, 2016
Of corse mums there to straighten out her kids when there being little shits
Wow, and they were just passing by too... it's their parental instincts, isn't it?
Son's boyfriend, gay confirmed. killua is gay forbid someone special