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Love Heals A Broken Heart

Love Heals A Broken Heart

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Zaylin Silver By sweetiezee Updated Feb 26

Sequel to Not love, a marriage contract - You do not have to read the first book to understand the story.
  "You are my wife!" Noah yells, feeling frustrated. His eyes concentrated on Miabel, his wife. She looks like a kitten when angry. Her red kissable lips and hourglass figure tempting him to make love all night, ravishing her body. 
  If he denies his lust for her, he's lying. He is a man and she, a goddess; who captured his heart. Noah can't understand why they need to discuss this. They are humans. They have needs! 
  "Noah! I will not share a bed with you. No negotiations!" Miabel replies in her usual soft, musical voice that only seems to ignite his lust for her even more. This woman has turned his whole world upside down by being herself. 'God help me before I jump this woman's bones!'
  Noah Myers, America's most loved and richest bachelor is just about to face the nightmare of his entire thirty years alive. His father gives him the ultimatum - marry a woman from Beverly Hills, Miabel Anderson, or be disowned; this means he would lose his trust fund and everything that makes him the famous, heart breaking Casanova. Much to Noah's anger and disappointment of being forced to marry a gold digging, manipulative women; he knows he can't lose his luxurious life. He did not know how to live any differently. As a life principle, Noah hates cheaters and he plans to make his future wife's life with him a living hell on earth.
  Follow Noah and Miabel in a journey of lots of awkward situations, broken hearts, arguments, jokes, misunderstanding, crazy ex's, deception, hate, a lot of chemistry and maybe love as they try to figure out how to work out this marriage. Sometimes opposites attract but other times they are a recipe for destruction. Noah and Miabel are stuck with each other to death. Mind you that is a long time to spend with someone who can get on your nerves by simply existing.
  #108 in Romance (September 28, 2016)

fromparalleluniverse fromparalleluniverse Sep 01, 2016
Yaaayy...finally its here..i am so excited to read this ...😀
Dark_Angel605 Dark_Angel605 Sep 01, 2016
OMG.! They are soooooo cute 😘
                              Looking forward to read Noah's story
koizora00 koizora00 Aug 29, 2016
I thought I lost this story.I've been searching it for ages..Did you rewrite it??
                              *it's an awesome story btw
                              I'm too excited..hahaha :)
wattylove20 wattylove20 Aug 29, 2016
Yaay. I was excited to read this book as well. I just read the story info. I was wondering, are you changing the plot?
Renesmee_1214_nessie Renesmee_1214_nessie Aug 29, 2016
Thank you so much for updating this story. I love this story so so much.
_RiddhiShetye_ _RiddhiShetye_ Sep 01, 2016
You're twisting the story a little though? Hmm, looking Forward to it...