My Perverted Neighbor

My Perverted Neighbor

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Zoe Taylor has been best friends with Connor Williams her whole life. They've never been far apart seeing that his bedroom window is twenty feet across from hers in the house next door. It isn't until junior year that Zoe is finally ready to admit her feelings for Connor. They could be an amazing couple, except Connor has a secret that might very well break her heart. 

When Grant Thompson moves to town everything changes. He's seen as a bad boy because he has tats, wears a leather jacket, he smokes, and rides a motorcycle. Ever since Zoe first met him she can barely stand the sight of him. She hates the fact that he's devastatingly handsome. She hates the way girls fawn all over him. And she hates when he calls her nicknames. 

Grant doesn't like that Zoe hates him. Ever since he moved there she's looked at him like he was the most revolting creature ever. The way she looks at him makes him feel sick. He'll do anything to make her change her mind about him. Zoe will challenge and he likes that about her. He wants her and he's not going down without a fight. He changes his player ways and makes several romantic attempts to get her swooning over him like all the other girls do. 

Grant thinks Zoe won't be able to resist him and his devilish charm for long but she's going to put him on the ride of his life.