Unnatural powers (COMPLETED)

Unnatural powers (COMPLETED)

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Miss Butterfly By Cute_ButterflyWings Completed

This is a story about Lucy Heartfelia, born with an unusual power. It's unnatural, it's rare, and runs in only one family. Mother to daughter, daughter to her eventual daughter.

Imagine reading people's thoughts?

Imagine talking to bugs and animals in your head?

Unfortunately, reading human thoughts have its limits, only being able to read one thought at a time.

Lucy lives alone, the reason being that she was mistreated, and called a freak to everyone she talked about her power to.

So, she has decided to tell no one.

Unless it's life or death, of course.

What would happen though, if she came to a new school?


These characters belong to Hiro Mashima.
Not to me.
If you haven't seen the anime, or read the manga, it's called Fairy Tail.
Highly recommended. 
Not a necessity though.


Please enjoy guys :p


MINIFOOD12345 MINIFOOD12345 Sep 29, 2016
Love the Prologue! It really drew me in, extremely excited to start this book 😁