•She was once... mine•

•She was once... mine•

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↠ chaeil ༄༣ By sunkissedhaechan Updated Nov 14, 2016

Y/N L/N also known as WildCard was once the Joker's favorite partner to have before he had met Harley in Arkham.  Both of them was also known as the King and Queens in Gotham,  nothing can stop them from their doings even Batman. 
She wasn't just a partner to him,  even on how much cold blooded murderer the Joker was. He treated her as his Queen,  he loves her more than anything...  more than himself and Y/N fell in love with him as well, as the time goes by.  

Until one day,  WildCard was captured and suddenly disappeared...  accidentally.  This was a very bad news for him,  he had lost his partner... his lover...  and his other half.  

Few years has passed,  the Joker changed.  He have met Harleen Frances Quinzel who is now Harley Quinn.  The King and new Queen of Gotham.  The Joker was still devastated for his past partner,  which leads him to remember at certain times and causes him to let out his anger to other people or even Harley.  

The thing that Joker believes was...  Y/N is dead. 
But...  is she really dead?
No,  but the Joker doesn't have a clue about it and then one day.  He accidentally found her. 

"She's...  alive"

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ElecitraGamefreak ElecitraGamefreak Nov 03, 2016
Amazing. Fantastic. Crazilicious.
                              Update as soon as you can.
                              Ciao~ 💀
Raventheturtle Raventheturtle Nov 09, 2016
Nice. Looking forward to the next update... Whenever that is
ErikaContreras165 ErikaContreras165 Oct 04, 2016
But isn't there another book like this, because I've read a book about a girl called wildcard and is jokers partner and lover
ILawvYooh ILawvYooh Sep 26, 2016
Please Update! I like what you are doing with bringing back Jokers old lover. Very smart and I feel like it keeps people on the edge of their seats because they wonder about what is going to happen next