A Case Of You | c.s

A Case Of You | c.s

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eiman By wohnderwall Updated Apr 17, 2017

"Oh god. We're going to die, aren't we?"

He shrugged, as if being chained to a chair with the barrel of a gun aimed at your temple wasn't such a big deal. "Probably. Any regrets?"

"Just one."


"Yeah, saving this little twerp back in high school. That jerk got me killed." I rolled my eyes, sticking my tongue out at him. You could say that after encountering death many times in the presence of Alastair, I had become quite the expert at it. 


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♡ cover by; @soundthealarm

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😂 it's getting good already. And I can't wait. I love the casts, but I imagine Alastair cast a little more masculine.
ItsAllAsh ItsAllAsh Dec 29, 2017
please, Im begging, I need to read this!!! It sounds amazingg
sargently sargently Jan 04
EIMAN you better start this already because those dailogues have me hooked + THE COVER! THE ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT TITLE!
I love that book so much! I haven't read it in 3 years and now I want to again!
concussive concussive Aug 02, 2017
this sounds like a brilliant concept so far!! I'm really excited for it!!
Klowbix Klowbix Jan 05
This actually sounds very original and intriguing enough for me to want to read it compared to most books on here. Anybody feel the same or is that just me?? Anyways I'm looking forward to reading this!1!!