Vampire Roommate

Vampire Roommate

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FantasyKpopper By FantasyKpopper Updated 4 days ago

Jungkook was a simple young man living on his own in rural Seoul. While walking home alone at night one day, Jimin, a mischievous young vampire, finds Jungkook's blood to be absolutely irresistible and makes the decision to move in with Jungkook so he can he would have his blood whenever he wants it. 

Not long after living together, Jimin notices a strange aroma emitting from Jungkook that he's never noticed coming from another human before. This scent made Jimin's natural vampire instincts go crazy and neither Jimin nor Jungkook knew the reason. 

What will happen when the truth behind this mysterious fragrance comes to light and the two are poised with a new and unusual challenge that neither one was prepared for?

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GamerGirlLia175 GamerGirlLia175 Nov 10, 2017
Im literally reading this book the second time even tho the book is not complete yet
hvngkook hvngkook Jul 04, 2017
then you have me😂😂😂😂 boi if you don't kill me right now istg
FantasyKpopper FantasyKpopper Jun 16, 2017
The neighbors interrupting would ruin their little moment duh XD
I can't imagine this as Jimin for some reason...
                              This kinda sounds like Yoongi
vkook_infires02 vkook_infires02 Jul 05, 2017
Nothing really happened. You just got bit by a sexy vampire and passed out. Nothing unusual
BlazeJones BlazeJones Oct 17, 2017
That must be the vampire strength.
                              Jk jk don’t kill me😊