Vampire Roommate (BoyxBoy)

Vampire Roommate (BoyxBoy)

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FantasyKpopper By FantasyKpopper Updated Mar 25

Jungkook was a simple young man living on his own in rural Seoul. While walking home alone one night, Jimin, a mischievous young vampire, finds Jungkook's blood to be absolutely irresistible and makes the decision to move in with Jungkook so he can he would have his blood whenever he wants it. 

Not long after living together, Jimin begins to realize that Jungkook is no other ordinary human. An ancient prophecy seems to tie both Jimin and Jungkook closer by fate, but as time goes on, soon other vampires realize Jungkook is special as well.

Will Jimin be able to protect his private blood bank? What will this prophecy do to their friendship? Who are the ones targeting Jungkook?

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RinaNight RinaNight Jan 28
xD Spongebob? Is that you throwing paper in peoples faces ( Lol )
jiministyy jiministyy Mar 30
I mean... Jungkook is a whole buffet. So I don’t blame you.
jiministyy jiministyy Mar 30
come on jimin. broskittle. it doesn’t have to be like this.
-jiminsass -jiminsass Mar 30
wait until you get the chance to suck his um.. ding dong my g
RinaNight RinaNight Jan 28
Lol if I was jungkook I would have moaned because I like the feeling of pain
jiministyy jiministyy Mar 30
Yeah Jimin. You shouldn’t kill him. There are other solutions.