Winning Kairi's Heart

Winning Kairi's Heart

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Jenny Ann By JennyPie96 Updated Dec 18, 2016

"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment."

-Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

Accidents can lead to tragedies, but other times these mishaps can lead to new beginnings which is exactly what, Nathan Carter, gets on a very rainy day in North Carolina.

A new beginning to change the way things are falling into place with his overly complicated life. Whenever he rescues his longtime crush, Kairi Grace Everhart, from a horrible car crash, he has a very intriguing idea whenever she eventually wakes up from a coma with a very severe case of amnesia...

"What if I didn't have to be the boy who she never recognizes anymore in the school hallway? What if I could be the one boy who makes her face light up into a smile everyday?"

The thought brings, Nathan to tell, Kairi that they've secretly been in a relationship for quite some time now, but there's just one small... okay, big problem. Can he truly convince her that they were actually together or will his plan sink all the way down to Bikini Bottom?

Find out as he begins his scheme in Winning Kairi's Heart!

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MirnaGhobashy MirnaGhobashy Sep 04, 2016
I really like it! Keep going! Your writing style is great, too! :D
MidnightMichelle MidnightMichelle Sep 04, 2016
I'm really liking this so far & definetely can't wait for more! I don't mean this to come off as mean or anything but I would suggest to divide the paragraph about the accident into smaller paragraphs so that it's easier to read :D. & also, thank you for following me, can't wait to read more 😄.
MidnightMichelle MidnightMichelle Sep 04, 2016
I was laughing at this until I remembered what it said in the synopsis... hee hee ... 😐
nutellaeatingmonster nutellaeatingmonster Sep 30, 2016
@JennyPie96 always there to let the best ones know how perfect they are! <3
MirnaGhobashy MirnaGhobashy Sep 04, 2016
And thank you so much for the dedication! That's so nice of you. I'm honored! Haha :D
MirnaGhobashy MirnaGhobashy Sep 03, 2016
I really like the idea of this story! I can't wait for the first chapter! :D