Hoshizora [Klance/Leith]

Hoshizora [Klance/Leith]

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Anri Kita | 暗莉 北 By TheWitch_NextDoor Updated Aug 03

Keith lives in a world where love is judged by a simple locket that hangs around humanities neck. Inside contains the picture of their soulmate but the catch is that it only opens when you have a certain interaction with the other person that creates a spark between the two of you. He goes by people everyday as he glances down at the locket expectantly only to find himself disappointed to see it still ticking away, that is until he decided to go to a group party.

Now doomed to be soulmates with his enemy, Keith has to find the best in what seems like darkness as he and Lance buttheads in frustration and a new obstacle arises for the pair and tests their relationship as Keith investigates an ominous shadow over his town that threatens his entire life and his friend's.

This idea about the lockets was a joint effort between @reeia_bean and I

*I DO NOT own the canon characters or art including but not limited to the cover art and the photos within the story itself*

(This story was poorly written my first time around so it is currently being edited whenever I find the time)

KatTory KatTory Aug 11
Really though if you're going to kill someone wear gloves. It's like the first rule in committing any crime.
satuenwezor satuenwezor Jun 29
                              STEPP INTO MY CANDY STORRREEEEEE
BatteredPidge BatteredPidge a day ago
First of all thank you I've been trying to find a fanfic with pidge as a girl for so long omg
ImATiredPotatoe ImATiredPotatoe Sep 29, 2016
Yes but I'm imagining Elentori's pose in that one fanart when Lance made a pun except, it's reverse.
ImATiredPotatoe ImATiredPotatoe Sep 29, 2016
But isn't he like ebony? I don't think people with that skin colour can blush. At least, it's not visible. I have a friend with Olive skin and she never blushes even when she's clearly embarrassed.