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Perfectly Faded- A young Justice Fanfiction AU

Perfectly Faded- A young Justice Fanfiction AU

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I've got jams By MoonWolf2002 Updated Feb 15

Wally West has been abused all his life, and even more when he gained super speed like his uncle who he had never met. He was sick of it. So, he ran, and all he wanted to do was to fade.
  Richard Grayson's parents had been murdered in front of his own two eyes. All his life he's been hunted by League of Shadows and the Court of Owls. At that moment, he ran, tried to never look back, and all he wanted to do was fade.
  Days later, the two meet up and joined Full Moon, a traveling circus...
  That was five years ago, and five years ago was the beginning of the Danger Duo.
  What happens when a murder takes place during one of these performances in Gotham?
  We're not going anywhere,
  No need to be suspicious,
  And us being hated,
  We won't stop until we're perfectly faded.

BreesWifey BreesWifey Feb 25
Wallace Rudolph West 
                              Bartholomew Henry Allen
                              Speedsters have the worst names I swear 😂
AngelAssbutt AngelAssbutt Sep 11, 2016
I can see Dick getting pissed at being called little friend XD
courtofowls courtofowls Aug 29, 2016
Of course he'd fangirl over Flash... oh god I just thought of smth wrong k bye
DaniPines DaniPines Oct 25, 2016
When they showed Ghoul's costume I suddenly thought of Danny Phantom
Caitlinannspencer Caitlinannspencer Sep 11, 2016
Me,*grabs Wally*
                              *shuves him in a sack*
                              "Fanboy ps go for a lot on eBay,don't tell I'll split the cash"
FearsomeSoul22 FearsomeSoul22 Oct 05, 2016
Mm. Well then. I'll just head to my corner.
                              *walks to corner and cries*