A Modern Love

A Modern Love

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"He smelled flowery, he was a carrier. In this world of breeders and carriers (neutrals, too, but they didn't really have a specific smell), there were different scents. Carriers were very flowery when they were simply carriers but they were fruity when they were pregnant- Freddie was flowery. Breeders smelled very masculine, there was no actual way to describe it but carriers loved it." 

Imagine 1980 Freddie Mercury and the classic Jim Hutton that we all know and love. Now imagine them in 2016 London, Queen was never a thing and everyone is just average- it's quite interesting. 

I'm awful at descriptions, sorry. 

Mpreg? Of course. Mature content? Duh!

None of the pictures used in chapters belong to me.

pro tip, these are flip phones, hard to write a long message like that without using a lot of abbreviations/wouldve taken longer to respond
Omg I'm too excited for this (I haven't even started reading, but still LOL)
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