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In Your Mind's Eye ; A Drarry Fanfiction.

In Your Mind's Eye ; A Drarry Fanfiction.

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R.J.Slade By colourdark Updated Feb 20

Harry Potter is back for an eighth year. Now that Voldermort is dead, he expects no drama, just quiet lessons, and time to forget the chaos of the past few years. 
Instead, he finds something very different waiting for him, when an old rivalry comes back to haunt him, in a very different way than expected.

Will Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter ever be friends...or more? What will happen when they become stuck with eachother? And when will they see things in a different light?

Great job, Draco! I'm very glad you honestly admitted that your new rule "pretty much sucked". Excellent work! Keep it up, buddy!
Have You Heard The News That You're Dead? 
                              No One Ever Had Much Nice To Say.
                              I Think They Never Liked You Anyway.
                              Oh, Take Me From The Hospital Bed.
                              Wouldn't It Be Grand?
                              It Ain't Exactly What You Planned.
                              And Wouldn't It Be Great If We Were Dead?
                              Oh, Dead.
Chill yer face M8. You still gotta marry da Motherducking Malfoy
bunpop bunpop Jan 16
I saw this and was like "welp" but then I realized it his hair
Evil_Angel7 Evil_Angel7 Jan 22
I shreiked and then realized he meant his hair. My parents ran into my room wondering why I was screaming again.
1234 open up the closet door
                              5678 dont assume yourself as straight