revival: [grant gustin][1]

revival: [grant gustin][1]

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camrivera: we're just friends
  grantgust: yeah...
  I admit, it's been painful, painful
  But I'll be honest, I'm grateful, grateful
  It's my, my, my time to realize
  What I've learned is so vital
  More than just survival
  This is my revival 
  "I never knew what it was like to fall in love with my best friend until I fell in love with you. It was sudden, but a long time coming. I could feel myself falling deeper but it wasn't til I hit the ground that I knew I had been falling. They say it's best to fall in love with your best friend...they also say it's the worst." 
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[started 7-13-16]
[completed 12-7-16]

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