hybrids (h20vanoss)

hybrids (h20vanoss)

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I-is-a-shipper By I-is-a-shipper Updated 5 days ago

life has been easy for the gang since they were the last hybrids to be tested on. the gang contained the strongest hyprids with powers.  There was markiplier, jackspeticeye, lui, nolga, moo,   miniladd, wildcat,  and him as the leader. creating hybrids was now banded by the government but what happens if the scintest made a new one. one incredibly dangerous with two personality's you could say it is almost like he is delirious but super smart and his reflexes are tremendous. what if the crew finds it what would happen what if they die or live will it join them or kill them.  

sorry but I liked this picture and even if it does not show what hybrid he is he is still a hybrid.

ps- I CANNOT SPELL so warning ⚠️

I am changing Wildcat to a tiger like his logo and chaining some of his powers.
Joloaura Joloaura Jan 08
What I'm getting out of this is that he's super stealthy. Is that right?  😕