The Nerd Is In the Military

The Nerd Is In the Military

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Blair Collins in the nerd of the Hawks High School. She is either ignored, or terrorized by her peers not just for being a nerd but for having 'ugly' scars on her neck and one on her face. But only if they knew why....
She is not your average nerd, during school breaks, especially the summer, she serves the military and protects the country. But is it really worth it when nobody ever recognizes you for it. 
To make her her situation even harder, she starts falling, hard and fast for one of the schools football players, YouTuber and choir leader, Nathaniel Cruz. And when they get together, will her military life tare them apart? Or will their love for each other just be that strong? 

School, graduation, prom, love and MP5 A3 guns will make one HELL of a year.

This is not one of those stories where the girl takes 10000000 months to figure out her feelings and to get the boy to like her.

ChildOfRa ChildOfRa Nov 21, 2016
I might get hated for saying this but he does NOT look "hot" or "sexy"
KazKath KazKath a day ago
tbh  if I was Nathaniel I would rather get a 73 (which I heard isn't even that bad) than buying someone pizza, cause I'm stingy
It looks good but you said it was on her left eye not her right, just saying..